John Chiarelli

John Chiarelli is an executive coach and business-minded executive with a career focus on providing strategic and tactical business solutions to boards and senior management on four continents.

John is a strategic thinker with a strong ability to identify the issues and translate strategy into tactics. He also is a workshop leader and facilitator at national and international CEO symposiums and roundtable discussions.

His consulting practice focuses on working with senior executives, political leaders and physician leaders to solve business problems. His practice provides support in five main areas: executive development, organizational integration and design improvement, board governance, executive compensation and roundtable facilitation.

His clients include enterprises in the banking and finance, food and beverages, airlines, healthcare and hospitals, manufacturing, utilities and communication sectors as well as local and federal government agencies and academic institutions. John is intimately familiar with the unique demands and issues that confront C-suite clients, having worked closely on strategic business issues including, mergers, acquisitions and integrations.

Prior to consulting, John held domestic and international corporate positions with RJR, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., Molson Inc. Honda and The Hospital for Sick Children. He is a certified executive coach, certified management consultant, business adviser and provider of leadership coaching within the University of Toronto EMBA program at Rotman School of Business as well as a business consultant at the Business Development Bank of Canada.

“John’s professionalism and ability to gain the trust of our physician leaders allowed him to successfully provide much needed support to a hospital division in distress including leadership coaching, role definition, performance expectations, and strategic planning”…… .James G. Wright, MD, MPH, FRCSC Surgeon-in-Chief and Chief of Perioperative Services. The Hospital for Sick Children.