Laura S. Scott ACC, ELI-MP

Laura is a Key Women’s Leadership Forum facilitator and executive coach. She helps leaders and motivated individuals realize their goals and potential through custom coaching, retreats, instructional design, and training solutions for resiliency, change, engagement, strategic decision making and leadership.

Laura is a Key Associates partner. She is a speaker, author, and President of 180 Coaching, a Tampa-based professional coaching service. As a certified Executive, Leadership, and Transition Coach and Accredited Member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF), she bring 12 years of coaching and 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in my commitment to help management teams and individuals achieve their personal and professional development and leadership objectives, and manage and embrace transition and conflict.

As a certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Laura invites her clients to be mindful leaders and to be aware of the consequences of core beliefs, emotions, and thoughts, and how the quality of those determine to a large degree how we show up in the world and the level of our engagement, leadership, and well-being. As a certified TTI Insights and Conflict Dynamics Profile practitioner, I offer proven processes and tools for awareness and success through engagement, strategic action plans, skill development, accountability, and talent management solutions.

Laura Scott currently serves as the Director of the ICF-Tampa Bay Charter Chapter (International Coaches Federation–a Professional Coaching organization) and as a strategic decision making, career, and leadership coach for the University of Tampa MBA Leadership Program and The Centre for Women, and as a mentor/member of the Highrisers Toastmasters.