Michelle Royal, MA

Facilitator, consultant, producer and speaker, Michelle Royal has been developing the creative and innovation capacities within individuals and organizations for the past fifteen years. Royal specializes in the convergence of innovation, technology, visual and design thinking to mobilize transformative organizational change through accountability based leadership and collaborative driven strategies. In 2007, Royal founded and became the CEO of HDYI: How Do You Innovate?

Royal has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as public sector organizations including, Subway Sandwiches Development Agencies, Kentucky League of Cities, Coastal Caison Construction (A Behr Subsidiary), Collaborative Labs of St. Petersburg College and the Florida Technology Journal.

Royal has worked with innovation experts from around the world, including leaders from Autodesk, XPLANE, SRI, and Enterprise Development Group. Royal was selected in 2009 as one of the lead innovation coaches in the European Union Project ECCE Innovation, representing the United Kingdom based company, Creative Industries Development Agency (CIDA). Royal was critical in developing the innovation program for CIDA and creating public and private partnerships between nine entrepreneurial creative companies, additional higher education institutions, and funding institutions to foster the growth potential of unique IP opportunities.

Royal is the Board Chair of Creative Tampa Bay, a lead faculty member of Orlando, Inc’s B.I.G.* Summit and annual program (Business Innovation and Growth), and a guest lecturer for the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. Royal holds her Masters Degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.