Why Boards Need More Women

Board of Directors Need More Women

Just as it’s true for work teams, diversity on boards leads to increased innovation, productivity and performance. When different perspectives are represented—various ages, educational backgrounds and expertise—boards operate more effectively, according to Scientific American. While most CEOs know the benefits of having a diverse board, gender diversity on boards is still overlooked today. Fewer than […]

“Her-Story” – Takes Leading with Courage


During Women’s History Month or as I like to call it “Herstory” Month, I often reflect on the brave women who have dedicated their lives for what they believed was right. Susan B. Anthony born in my home state of Massachusetts joined forces with Elizabeth Cady Stanton to tirelessly and fearlessly work for the right for women […]

Lesson 3 – Gratitude Makes All the Difference

Gratitude allows you to be more optimistic, manifest goals faster, and display more vibrant health.

Gratitude appears easy enough to practice. It can be as simple as throughout the day asking yourself the question, “What am I grateful for?” It can also be more reflective like daily journaling the 5 -10 things that you are most grateful for and why. So much has been written substantiating the benefits of expressing […]

Predict the Future: Write a Performance Letter to Yourself and Create a Personal Development Plan Template

If you were guaranteed that 2/3 of what you put into a letter addressed to yourself would become reality, would you try it? That’s the general concept behind a powerful tool we call a Performance Letter meant to help you achieve your goals. I have informally polled CEO and Key Leader groups I have worked […]

Lesson 2 – Find Peace and Productivity Through Forgiveness

Multi-Ethnic Group of Diverse People Holding Letters To Form A Forgive

Life crises can teach powerful lessons. The first lesson I learned through my health crisis was about letting go. This second lesson was a reminder of the power of forgiveness. I didn’t recover after my first open heart surgery, even though I was “supposed to.”  My initial heart surgery was successful in that my mitral […]

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

business, people, teamwork and planning concept - smiling business team with marker and light bulb doodle working in office

The economy is doing better for business in general and entrepreneurs specifically. That’s the good news. The downside is the battle for talent has heated up again. In recent surveys by major consulting firms, CEOs continue to identify finding the right talent as one of their biggest challenges. Larger companies have an advantage over smaller […]