CEO & Key Leader Peer Forums

There is a certain synergy that occurs when leaders from diverse backgrounds come together for the purpose of becoming “even better” leaders of their companies. Some identify this phenomenon as the power of a “mastermind” group; others call it an advisory board or a CEO or Key Leader roundtable.

What does becoming “even better” mean? The focus of the CEO and Key Leader Forums is to help you and your organization move from where you are to where you want to be. It involves growing your business and growing as a leader in all aspects of your life. “Even better” is about helping you to evolve into your personal best and take your organization to new heights.

There are three key ingredients to a successful and meaningful executive forum experience:

  • Right Focus – the group working on purpose and on their businesses, not in them
  • Right People – a diverse group of top leaders who want to grow and also share their insights with others
  • Right Execution – an accountability system that ensures implementation, and a seasoned facilitator who can support the group in deeper exploration of relevant issues and future direction.

The Program Benefits:

  • Focus on your key business issues and new ways to address them
  • Develop a network of trusted advisors
  • Broaden your perspective beyond your company
  • Improve decision making
  • Better align with your company’s direction
  • Become a more skillful leader
  • Focus on professional and personal goal development
  • Strengthen your management team
  • Increase confidence in your current role and beyond

Download our Key Leadership Program brochure here.
Download our CEO Florida Forums brochure here.

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Looking for something tailored for women?

A few years ago, Key Associates Inc., started what is now called the Key Women’s Leadership Forum to better the lives of women leaders in our community.  This program has been adapted and designed specifically to meet the unique needs of women in leadership positions.  The Key Women’s Leadership Forum is a peer forum solely for women that meets once per month to help you grow together in all aspects of your life.  Learn more today!