Career Development for Women

Being an executive woman in a male dominated environment is challenging. Despite advancements made throughout the years, women continue to face workplace issues and career development challenges which men do not. The number of women in the workforce has increased dramatically; however, there continues to be a disparity between the rate of men and women being promoted. Today only a relatively small percentage of women hold high-ranking positions.

Becoming successful in the corporate world requires special dedication and commitment, especially for women. Even if you possess innate skills and leadership ability, you will need to practice, evaluate, and improve your abilities and apply them skillfully on the job. The most successful professionals have a network of contacts that they can access for information, guidance and ideas. A woman can achieve anything she works towards, but having peer group support and coaching will make a dramatic impact on her results.

At Key Associates, Inc. we have exceptional coaches who are dedicated to helping women advance in their careers. We offer both executive coaching and leadership forums, which are specially tailored to address the unique challenges that women face, and provide a sounding board and solutions to those issues. Our individualized programs give women the ability to have a clearer view, discern the most important issues and opportunities, and determine true focus. True focus comes from understanding our “true north” or work that is purposeful for you.

Our coaches provide the resources and support needed to develop personal and professional goals, understand the rules of success, identify key competencies, overcome the gender bias, identify common traps, and recognize key performance activities. Whether you are looking to develop your leadership skills, create a pathway into senior management, establish authority and credibility, adjust to a new position, or develop a strategy, Key Associates, Inc. can help you reach your objectives and take your career to where you want to be while experiencing ongoing support and encouragement from peers and like-minded individuals who understand your unique challenges.