Emerging Women – Breaking Down The Barriers To Success

Although gender diversity in today’s world is improving, women in leadership positions continue to face many difficulties. The most obvious challenges that women face are monetary. It comes to no surprise to anyone that we are still far from equal pay. However, women in business face much more complex issues, like being undervalued due to gender, and having complex expectations of behavior due to conflicting gender roles and leadership expectations. Among the most difficult aspects of being a woman in a leadership position is the lack of understanding, like-minded individuals with which to relate and discuss these issues.  This is where a women’s leadership forum can become useful.

Numerous studies prove the benefits of open dialogue and discussion of issues. As they say, two minds are better than one. Many times, we are not able to see every side or solution to situations in which we are in. This is why women’s leadership forums have emerged, to give individuals a channel through which to share problems, solve issues collectively, and ultimately aid personal growth. By openly communicating with people in similar situations, participants are able to gain perspective and grow as individuals.

A few years ago, Key Associates made the leap to offer their very own women’s leadership forum.  The Key Women’s Leadership Forum was created to bring together women in leadership roles and focus on mind, body, spirit, and career. Thoughtful dialogue, positive reinforcement, and empathetic relationships can all go a long way in helping women tackle work and life challenges. The Key Women’s Leadership Forums are a way that strong executive women can support each other’s goals and dreams. It gets lonely at the top. By coming together as a group and discussing issues, women are able to learn from each other, gain a broader perspective, and offer each other support as they lead others.

When one improves on one aspect of one’s life, every other aspect improves as well. This is why theKey Women’s Leadership Forum focuses on the entire self. Through continual growth and improvement, the Key Women’s Leadership Forum will help you build authentic leadership, celebrate your success, improve your work life balance, and reach your goals with the support of others.

The Key Women’s Leadership Forum is led by leadership and peer group facilitation expert, Mary Key, PhD, who brings over 20 years of experience helping female leaders grow in every aspect of their lives. These monthly, half-day meetings offer peer coaching, professional facilitation in a confidential setting, and an annual forum retreat. Through this forum women receive time to reflect on goals, feedback on professional and personal issues, a network of trusted advisors, and a greater understanding of themselves.


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