Women Executive Leadership

Women in executive leadership positions are often described with negative words such as icy, tough, or emotional. However, these derogatory descriptions of female leaders couldn’t be further from the truth. For women in executive leadership positions the reality is far different. There are mountains of evidence and research showing that women are, in fact, outstanding leaders.

In order to perform effectively, teams must be able to form, and work towards, common goals. This requires individuals to put aside their egos and work towards a common goal. While this is an issue that men sometimes struggle with, it is not the case for women in general. Research shows that women are more consensus building than men, as they find it easier to focus on collective rather than individual goals.

Studies involving thousands of leaders have also shown that women are more transformational leaders than men. This leading style has been shown to build trust among teams while making each individual feel empowered to reach their full potential. By identifying needs, creating an inspiring vision, and executing the change in the correct way, transformational leaders are able to achieve positive results with a team that works in tandem.

Women possess many traits that make them effective and inspirational leaders. They are known for being more inclusive of team members, fostering innovation through collaboration, and working to strengthen diverse personalities. Although studies have proven that women are great leaders, and may even surpass men in their leadership skills, they continue to be undervalued in the workforce, especially in executive positions.

Although we are far from reaching gender parity, women can work together to alleviate struggles, empathize, and support each other to achieve the greatest success in both their personal and professional lives. The Key Women’s Leadership Forum is designed to address issues that women face at the executive level. The topics covered include executive presence, influencing skills, and work life integration. Like a compass, the True North Women’s forum will point you in the direction of your True North, and also guide you towards it.