Women Leaders

As the old saying goes, “it’s lonely at the top.” In the CEO groups I’ve facilitated over the last 20 years, I’ve seen how bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs makes a big difference in each CEO’s growth and the growth of their businesses. Two years ago, we applied that same principle to women in senior leadership roles when we started our own Women’s Leadership Forum called the Key Women’s Leadership Forum. It gets very lonely when you are the only woman or among the few women on an executive team. You feel isolated and often don’t have any real peers to run your ideas and issues by. You may also miss the opportunity to have the support from others who have lived through relevant experiences that can bring value added to your situation.

True North is your internal compass that can naturally guide you to live a purposeful life. Bill George, the former CEO of Medtronics and Chair at the Harvard Business School coined the term, “True North” -when an organization or an individual is following their True North, they are aligned with what is purposeful for them. It’s hard to be true to what’s on purpose for you when we are seduced to get off track by external rewards like money, power, celebrity and pleasing others.

We started the Key Women’s Leadership Forum is to bring together women in Tampa Bay who are leaders in their organizations to focus on the whole self – mind, body, spirit and career. The Key Women’s Leadership Forum helps you to:

  • Build authentic leadership
  • Graciously celebrate your successes in a guilt-free environment
  • Mold a new type of business culture as a woman-led team or organization
  • Improve your work life balance
  • Realize your goals with support from your peers

We all need people surrounding us that we can look to for support and relevant advice. When we develop as human beings, we become better leaders in our work and in our lives. We are then prepared to coach and mentor others who can build the cadre of talented female leaders.


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