Why Choose Us

Key Associates, Inc. has been a trusted advisor, helping  leaders, teams and organizations grow for over 20 years through Right Focus, Right People and Right Execution. We specialize in leadership development for executive women and offer peer group forums, executive coaching, and leadership development (develop leaders and increase performance). Through our Key Women’s Leadership Forums and through the coaching work that we provide, we help women to find the balance in their approach to their work. Our services are designed to help female executives address challenges – such as hiring the right talent, executive presence, influencing skills and work-life alignment – as well as to serve as a sounding board for ideas and innovation. Our work helps women increase their influence and achieve their goals and dreams.

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Our Mission

We inspire, challenge and support executive women to be their professional and personal best through peer forums, executive coaching and leadership development.

Our Values

  • Authenticity – we act with transparency and with positive intentions
  • Collaboration – we partner effectively with clients and resources to solve problems and create new possibilities
  • Excellence– we set the highest standards for ourselves and for our work with clients
  • Transformation– we are committed to fostering healthy change and growth and find new and innovative ways to deliver our offerings
  • Community – we build a strong support network for our clients that serves each other

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