An Equal World is an Enabled World #EachForEqual

An Equal World is an Enabled World #EachForEqual March 5, 2020

Women still lag behind men in a variety of ways. For every dollar a man makes a woman makes significantly less, for example in the US a woman makes about 79 cents for every dollar a man does and for women of color it can be considerably less. 

Gender bias still exists throughout the world and the burden of managing the household and childcare still falls squarely on the woman’s shoulders. On a leadership level, only about 8% of the top executive positions in publicly traded companies are held by women and 2% of the CEOs. (See blog below.)

Research shows that the characteristic of leadership like decisiveness, assertiveness and taking charge align with what we expect from men. But for women, there’s often a disconnect. We expect women to be nice, socially adept and collaborative. These expected characteristics don’t line up the higher up a woman goes in leadership. Women face a double bind between competence and likability – the more senior she is, the less likable she becomes.

An equal world for all is about offering women the opportunity to be their best selves. It’s about embracing diversity and breaking down barriers that subvert equality. Diverse teams and organizations are the most innovative and productive. Women deserve a seat at the table – they contribute.

Creating an enabled world is about finding a common vision, opening up opportunities for women to contribute and celebrating the differences. 

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