Become an “Even Better” CEO

Become an “Even Better” CEO September 12, 2011

There is a certain synergy that occurs when leaders from diverse backgrounds come together for the purpose of becoming “even better” leaders of their companies. Some identify this phenomenon as the power of a “mastermind” group; others call it a CEO roundtable or advisory board experience.

What does becoming “even better” mean? The focus of the CEO FL Forum is to help you and your organization move from where you are to where you want to be. Being part of a forum involves growing in mind, heart, and spirit in every aspect of your life – work, home, community and beyond. “Even better” is about helping you to evolve into your personal best and take your organization to new heights. It’s about learning exponentially from trusted advisors and contributing to the growth of others.

In facilitating CEO roundtables over the past 15 years, I have observed a special synergy that develops among members as trust and professional intimacy builds. I have seen leaders do great and courageous things because of the support and the objective observations shared by the members. There are three key ingredients to a successful and meaningful executive forum experience:

  • Right Focus – the group working on purpose and on their businesses, not in them
  • Right People – a diverse group of CEOs with a strong technology base who want to be their personal best and are willing to share their insights with others
  • Right Execution – an accountability system that ensures implementation, and a seasoned facilitator who can support the group in deeper exploration of relevant issues and future direction.

Take some time to watch this video and see what these CEOs get out of participating in a CEO Florida Forum:

“If you’re a CEO and you aren’t doing something like this, you’re really not playing your game or thinking at the highest level,” said Tom Wallace, CEO of Vector Learning.

“My company grew 60% last year and that’s a direct benefit of being a part of the group,” said Steve Allen, CEO of iDatix.

“The difference between this group and other CEO groups is that it’s all about business without agenda. It’s a place to be motivated by really smart people,” said Nancy Rabenold,CEO of xcira, Inc.

“I’ve made some of the best friends I have.  You have an agreement of confidentiality that overtime creates a bond that will last forever,” said George Gordon, CEO of Enporion.