Expose Yourself and Reach Your Long Awaited Goals

I was reminded about the importance of facing, even embracing what we fear most as I read about Jason Comely, an IT professional who feared rejection.  In my psychological training, I studied “exposure therapy.” Exposure therapy is a technique that helps people who avoid objects, activities or situations because they are afraid or uncomfortable with […]

Get Anxious and Perform

Last night I was reading the Pressure Principle and specifically the chapter on anxiety by Dave Alred, performance coach to star athletes. Later I read an article on Focusing by David Rome in Tricycle Magazine, a Buddhist publication.  I love when information from diverse sources converges and the knowledge shared overlaps. Let me explain. What […]

What Do You Want?

We negotiate daily. Whether it’s to define the scope of a project, close a sale or agree to who picks up who when soccer season starts. Negotiating has become a way of life for many, especially if you are an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial in spirit. In my work teaching Leadership & Influence within companies as […]

Ask Gracefully, But Ask

I recently attended the Waves of Change Women’s event honoring former Tampa Mayor, Sandy Freedman and Sheila Johnson, co-founder of BET (sold to Viacom for $3 billion in 2002) and the first black female billionaire. Currently Johnson serves as Founder and CEO of Salamander Hotels & Resorts which includes Innesbrook Resort as one of its properties. Johnson’s […]

Strategy or Vision: Does it Matter?

Yes, it does matter. After years of working on strategic planning projects with executive teams, I continue to observe confusion about what strategy really is. Leaders often mix up defining the vision, mission, values, goals and objectives with strategy. They believe that because they have a strategic plan, they have a strategy. In discussions and […]

Predict the Future: Write a Performance Letter to Yourself and Create a Personal Development Plan Template

If you were guaranteed that 2/3 of what you put into a letter addressed to yourself would become reality, would you try it? That’s the general concept behind a powerful tool we call a Performance Letter meant to help you achieve your goals. I have informally polled CEO and Key Leader groups I have worked […]

Creating Your Oganization’s Value Statement

Right Focus Part 3 What is an Organization Value Statement? Last week we discussed the process of creating a personal value statement and now we will discuss creating your organization’s values statement.  The difference between an average organization and a great one is the ability to answer the questions: “What do we stand for?” “Which values […]