Women Leaders

Confidence: The Secret Sauce

How to build confidence

Confidence is one of our most sought-after traits, in life and in business. Confident people accomplish what they want to get done without excessive agonizing, doubt, or rumination. An air of certainty wins others to their side—even when their work isn’t perfect. Out of the hundreds of women I’ve worked with as a coach and […]

Female Breadwinners: The Art of Sequencing

By Laura S. Scott I first came aware of the changing face of the breadwinner during my research on intentionally childfree couples in 2004. I was interviewing couples for my book Two Is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice and I had identified a subset of voluntarily childless couples I called “Postponers”; […]

Timing is Right for Women to Seize Success and Lead

(Excerpt from Mary’s New Book: Seizing Success: A Woman’s Guide to Transformational Leadership) Order Your Copy Now Make no mistake. Our time is now. The opportunities are opening. The environment has changed. The time is ripe for you. Look around you—at politics, culture, maybe even your own office—and you’ll see how much things have changed. […]

The Power of Gender Diversity

by Gerri Vereen There are tons of research that shows the critical role women play in business and the dramatic difference they can make to the bottom line. In McKinsey’s 2017 study “Delivering through Diversity” (released in January 2018), the study builds on research from 2014 diversity data and shows that the impact of gender […]

Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life

Holly’s great grandmother, Bess, was a baker. With the untimely death of her husband, Bess needed to work to support her young daughter. She, her brother and her sister opened their first bakery in 1916. The family-owned bakery developed a reputation for excellence and eventually grew to 13 operations throughout the Pittsburgh area. Holly got […]