Do You Love What You Do?

Do You Love What You Do? February 16, 2016

Valentine’s Day is a time to remember your loved ones, often a time for romance. When you step out of the commercialism, having a day and actually a month devoted to love can be a beautiful thing. You can use Valentine’s as a reminder to reflect on love in general and what you love specifically. One of the top priorities that people list when they are asked what makes a meaningful life is doing something they love.

It’s amazing when I ask people, “How do you feel about your work?” I get a real mix of responses. Some are very clear, “I love what I do.” More often than not though, I get a tentative response like, “our company is doing xyz; that’s important to our customers” or “it’s ok, it’s helping me to _________.” Fill in the blank.

I’m reminded of Simon Sinek’s “golden circle” where he explains that the most inspiring leaders and organizations don’t just answer “what” they do or “how” they do it; they first start with the “why.” Answering with “why” for your company, team and for yourself gets at what is purposeful for you. In our High Performance Leadership program, we talk about the importance of identifying the “why” or what is purposeful for you and for those you lead. Purpose is your reason for being, your answer to the question, “Why do I get up in the morning?” If what you are doing isn’t something that you’re passionate about, it’s time to stop and ask why. Learn more about how to craft your own personal mission statement. The words of George Bernard Shaw say it all, “This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.”