Executive Coaching

The most celebrated and highly-paid athletes in the world know the value of great coaching. They know that good coaches make them play better than they ever could alone.

The business world is no different. Many of today’s top executives use coaches to give them an edge in an increasingly complex world and also to help them grow as leaders. Why not you?

We offer individual and team leadership coaching solutions that provide development options for you. When you want to unlock your potential as a leader or team, we offer keys to achieving the outcomes you want, and the game plan to get you there. Our Executive Coaching can be offered virtually, in person, or a combination and has produced great results for leaders, men and women alike, in industries as diverse as technology, healthcare, finance, government, manufacturing, and more.

Your Key Associates Executive Coach will begin by listening and asking questions to learn about you, your situation, and your vision. S/he may interview others in your work environment like your boss, peers and direct reports. Next you and your coach will set goals and decide upon the criteria to use for measuring success. Once you and your coach have identified objectives, defined success, and created a detailed plan, you will be ready to act decisively and confidently. Finally, you and your coach will do what every effective manager does: measure and track results against your objectives and make the right adjustments along the way.


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Executive Coaching Video Testimonials

Robyn Spoto, President

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Tony DiBenedetto, CEO


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Coaching Testimonials

“Tiger Woods has a swing coach ...that’s why I have used Mary Key over the years as my CEO coach. We can all improve and it is by having someone from the outside looking at what we are doing and really challenging us that we really grow.”
— Tom Wallace, CEO
Vector Learning
“It is with great pleasure that I can readily confirm that, with her intuition and deep empathy, Mary Key is the ultimate people person. Her track record as a coach for successful business leaders is second to none.”
— Angel Ruiz, President & CEO
Ericsson N.A.
“I’ve worked with Mary Key for nearly 7 years...as a corporate coach for me personally as well as several engagements for my team. Her advice and her willingness and desire to hold me accountable have created enormous value for me personally and for my company.”
— Steve MacDonald, CEO
myMatrixx Healthcare Services
"Working with Mary Key has been instrumental in my personal development as well as my professional development as a CEO. She is calm, confident, and incredibly well spoken, truly unparalleled in the world of business. Simply by watching Mary, you learn to emulate and communicate in ways that immediately make you a more effective leader."
— Dr. Dani McVety, CEO
Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice