Right Focus: Leadership Development Program

Right Focus: Leadership Development Program August 28, 2013

Key Associates, Inc. is committed to helping leaders and their organizations grow.  Our consulting, coaching and training & development services support individual leaders as well as teams and organizations in reaching their full potential through a customized process of Right Focus, Right People and Right Execution. We build confidence through a systematic approach that lays out a plan and tracks milestones.

The Opportunity

Having a vision is not the same as achieving it. Out of every 100 new businesses, only 20-25 succeed. Regardless of the industry or the size of the organization, one of the key factors contributing to success is the ability to learn from experience – your own AND the experience of others.

Our book, CEO Road Rules: Right Focus, Right People, Right Execution, is based on decades of experience distilled from successful people who have been where you are now. People who know what it takes to choose the right path, to create the right plan, to know when to change and when to stay, and how to create a successful venture – as well as a fulfilling personal life.

Our purpose for this program is to take you beyond the book and guide you on a journey to successful application of the road rules. The same journey we have personally facilitated with many of our coaching clients. You will have the opportunity to work through the same processes, using the same tools, which we have used to help hundreds of leaders experience the transformational power of mastering the road rules.

What You Will Get Out Of This 4-Part Leadership Development Program

We developed this program to introduce you to the road rules and to take you on the journey from understanding the road rules to being able to apply them in your business and in your life. It’s not enough to understand the road rules and why they are important. It’s not enough to have a great vision. You need to create your own road map that will enable you to achieve right execution of your vision! This program will help you design that road map.

This journey from vision to execution will take you through the transformation from working “in” your business to working “on” your business while also having a successful personal life. You will learn from the experiences of outstanding leaders and find your right road – sooner rather than later.

Right Focus transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary; it allows us to create the space for our being part of something bigger in our own lives. Right Focus is about getting clarity on direction – for yourself, your team and your organization. Right Focus consists of:

    • Defining your mission (why are you here)
    • Establishing your vision (where you see yourself going)
    • Clarifying your values (what you stand for)
    • Identifying your core focus (what you can be best at)

Right Focus is a leadership development program that will help you be a more effective leader in all areas of your life.

When applied to teams or organizations, Right Focus gets everyone on the same page, rowing in the same direction and excited about anticipated results. Check back with us next week as we discuss defining your mission.

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