High Performance Leadership

Are performance and productivity levels falling in your organization because supervisors and managers are having trouble setting clear performance expectations and managing to them?

Are you concerned about lawsuits because of the way performance issues are managed?

Is lack of leadership negatively impacting morale and your bottom line?

High-Performance Leadership© is an integrated training and development approach to building leadership and management skills. This leadership business coaching program will:

  • Develop and enhance performance across your organization so that you can achieve the results you want.
  • Establish clear performance expectations and goals so that associates are accountable.
  • Provide skills and organizational change strategies so that managers grow and develop others.

As organizations look at their return on investment, focusing on people resources translates into increased productivity, quality and retention. This leadership development and training program is designed to help those who directly or indirectly lead others to be more effective in managing performance and coaching.

Overview of Modules

Module 1: Leading to Enhance Performance
Leadership requires building trust, being consistent and helping others be their best. Moving from contributing to an organization as an individual or as a manager to being a leader requires a shift in thinking and in skills. In this introductory module to the leadership development program, the roles and responsibilities of managing and leading are outlined and applied to workplace issues.

Module 2: Setting Expectations

Associates need guidance. Job descriptions are not enough. Company goals are not enough. Associates need and want to understand what’s expected of them and the criteria for success. They want to see where their jobs fit in to the big picture and how their work objectives can mesh with their personal goals. In this module managers will learn how to establish and communicate specific performance expectations and
set behavioral standards at work.

Module 3: Coaching and Giving Feedback

Good performance is a learning process. Like all of us, associates need to know where they stand and how they are doing on a frequent basis. They need help understanding what went well and what needs improvement. In order to be helpful, feedback must be specific, immediate and respectful. In this module managers will learn how to give day-to-day feedback and coach associates toward improved performance.

Module 4: Following up on Performance Commitments

Despite a manager’s best efforts, there are times when an associate does not respond. There can be many reasons why an associate’s performance or work habits fail to meet expectations. The manager’s role is to identify the problem, seek a mutual understanding with the associate, clarify expectations and consequences, and assist the associate in developing a plan for success. In this leadership development module, managers will learn how to identify and document performance and work habit issues and involve the associate in reaching a satisfactory resolution. In turn, managers will also learn how to handle disciplinary discussions and take appropriate action when necessary.

Module 5: Planning and Supporting Development

Associates not only want to succeed, but also most want to grow – either in responsibility or in the breadth and depth of their knowledge and skills. All associates need development plans to guide them in skill enhancement and organizational growth. The manager’s role is to help associates understand and develop their skills, thereby benefiting both the company and the associate. The most meaningful type of development occurs on the job and with the guidance of a manager/mentor. In this module managers will learn how to use delegation and other on-the-job assignments as opportunities for development. In addition, through leadership skill development, managers will learn how to prepare development plans that are mutually beneficial and help associates in achieving their developmental goals.

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“The High Performance Leadership program raised the awareness of our seasoned staff that leading is not only about doing, rather it is about bringing the best out of their teams through effective communication of expectations, holding staff accountable, coaching, and following up. As a result of the program our leadership is effectively engaging their teams while freeing up time so they can move their particular discipline forward. I would highly recommend this program – it’s a tremendous benefit for your hard working leadership team.”

Jack Swiatkowski, President
Pacer Group


“We have been working with Key Associates on our Future Leaders program, an initiative designed to engage and retain our high potential team members. Our Future Leaders recently attended the High Performance Leadership program- a two day program covering leadership topics such as expectation setting, coaching and team member development. The program was engaging and collaborative and has already made a tremendous impact on our group. We all walked away with some new additions to our management “toolbox” and a clear roadmap for taking our skills to the next level.  I highly recommend this program for any organizations’ current or future leadership team!”

Kara DiRosa, Director of Human Resources