Mission, Vision and Values

The foundation of any strategic plan is defining its Mission, Vision and Values. Mission answers the questions, “Why do we exist? What’s our Purpose?” Vision is a concise, compelling and attainable picture of the future. It is often summarized in an overriding goal that they entire organization is committed to. Vision answers the questions, “Where do we see ourselves going? Values are your code of ethics, what you won’t compromise. Values answer the questions, “What do we stand for? What is it that we refuse to compromise no matter what?”

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Creating Your Organization’s Vision Statement

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DonTaylorEDC“The Economic Development Authority for Citrus County decided to have a consultant work with us to develop new Mission and Vision Statements along with Core Values for our organization.  We made arrangements for Key Associates to facilitate the session.  Mary you provided excellent leadership and direction as you worked with our group to reach consensus on the three elements.  I would highly recommend your consulting services!”

Don Taylor, Executive Director

EDACC of Citrus County

RonRedfern“…what a positive, significant impact Mary Key has had upon the Florida Communications Group’s culture change initiative. Your expertise guiding our leadership team in crafting our shared purpose, vision, and values was invaluable….I highly recommend you to any company serious about embarking upon change, transformation and growth.”


Ronald R. Redfern, President

Florida Communications Group

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