Seizing Success: A Woman’s Guide to Transformational Leadership

If you’ve read Seizing Success – thank you!

The strategies and tools in this book are helpful to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

In the book, we’ve outlined competencies and skills that can help you be even better at leading others and excel as a female leader. The assessment will enable you to learn more about which areas might be strengths and where you might want to improve or enhance your capabilities. In addition to the opportunity to take the assessment, you will also receive an Action Plan tool to help you target and develop the competency area you’d like to build on or improve.

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If You’ve Read Seizing Success What Did You Think?

My intention was to write a guide that would shed light on how women can succeed more easily as leaders, embrace challenges and be fulfilled in their lives. I hope you have benefited and that you will be motivated to apply some of the strategies and tools from this book into your work and life.

What people are saying about Seizing Success:

“Where was this book when I was starting my career? Easy to read with great flow, each chapter includes “real life” examples, distillation and presentation of research on the topic, and multiple action steps to help you get to where you want to be. There’s also a great information to help you figure out where you really want to be. You could pay thousands of $ to an executive coach to get the information, strategies and tactics presented by Mary Key in this book. A must read for any one who wants to hone their leadership skills and gain more opportunities – but especially for young women in their early and mid career. I plan to get a copy for my niece who will be graduating with a business degree this fall.”

— Laura

“Seize Success is an extraordinary guide to the practices women can cultivate and men can respect. Her strategies for seizing success are insightful and useful without falling into the trap that women should simply adapt to their environments. Drawn from her extensive coaching experiences and women’s leadership groups, the author offers down to earth tools and inspiring strategies for achieving uncompromising excellence at work and a life worth living. I loved the flow and coherence of each chapter and the graphics bring it all together.”

— Alan

“Elements of transformational leadership recognized as critical to improving performance were introduced 30 years ago. What women often lacked in making the transition from a strong command and control culture to one where participative leadership provided the superior results, was a helpful road map and strategies to be successful. As Richard Lieder does in his book, Repacking Your Bags, Mary doesn’t provide you with the answers, but rather the questions you will need to answer for yourself. Facing the reality of tough decisions is yours to do. She supports your journey by providing wisdom, experiences, real life examples and tools that will engage you no matter where you are on the winding path to strengthening and enhancing your leadership capabilities.”

— Deborah