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Empathy: A Key Skill for Effective Leadership

What makes leaders afraid? People usually become leaders because they enjoy taking control of things. It’s this very need to control that often blocks a leader from learning how to show empathy. “If I show empathy to this employee, they’ll think I’m agreeing with them,” is often the retort I hear. One CEO stated that […]

Leadership Qualities: What’s Changed and What You Need to Know

Recently, the CEO of a company shared, “I want to improve as a leader but there are so many theories and books out there on how to develop your leadership skills – it’s mind spinning.” Leadership is different today than in the past. Pinpointing how it’s different is the challenge. Leadership is made up of […]

What Separates Great Leaders from the Rest?

Like the VP of Marketing, people with strong learning agility are quick studies. They aren’t afraid to jump into a challenging situation, understand the complexity and act quickly. Agile learners take lessons learned from their past and apply them to new and different situations. Learning agility isn’t an academic skill. Rather it involves a person’s […]