Team Building

Key Associates, Inc. specializes in helping leadership teams across industries perform at high levels and work on both the “what” and “how” of high performance. High performance teams accomplish the “what” by achieving results oriented goals and the “how” by displaying high performance behaviors that make all the difference. We have assisted teams on how to better align their direction and goals, to bring down “silos” and to improve communication and minimize conflict with team members. Whether you are going through your annual planning process, involved in an acquisition, entering a new market or improving teamwork in general, we can bring value added to your team and beyond.

team building

Our leadership team building approach is unique; participants report that they get work done on strategic and operational issues while also gaining amazing insights into “how” their team works. Self-awareness is one of the keys to being an effective team member. Our team building process helps you improve and enhance your awareness of how you work in a team, how you are perceived and what really matters to you and others in executing on the work that needs to be done.

Most teams suffer from ineffectiveness because they don’t trust each other. Our process features the importance of trust as a core building block to high performance. In our team building workshops, participants learn to build trust with each other, communicate needs more efficiently and effectively and also to address concerns in a way that others can hear them.

We help you improve and enhance teamwork by designing and delivering a team building experience that focuses on specific issues that you and your team have targeted as top priorities.  You’ll make progress on your top issues as you and your team build trust, develop needed direction and align as a group so that others in the company can follow your direction and understand their role in making the right things happen. Our team building experiences are designed for executive teams and set the tone for engagement across the company.

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