The Best Leaders are Transformational

The Best Leaders are Transformational February 20, 2021

I recently delivered a program as part of a leadership development initiative for doctors and faculty at Stanford University Medicine. The topic was one of my favorites, transformational leadership. Although the concept of transformational leadership has been around for a while, it’s never been timelier and more relevant.

What is your vision for your team or organization? 

A transformational leader identifies needed change, creates a vision that guides others, and engages people in being part of something that is bigger than each individual’s role. In the process of working together, both the leader and team members achieve new levels of accomplishment. They grow together as they work toward a common vision to effect positive change. In our session, the participants focused on what their vision is for those they lead and how it aligns with that of the organization. What is your vision for your team or organization? 

A transformational leader builds relationships and rapport with followers over the long term. They create a sense of commitment by serving as a role model, connecting projects to the team member’s values, and inspiring a sense of collective identity. Think back to someone who inspired your career. Do any of these characteristics sound like them? That person probably made you feel like they were working with you to achieve something important, to you as well as to the company or team.

Transformational leaders help people see the big picture and their part in it by asking: Where are we now in relation to that vision? What do we need to do to get there? What are the roles we can all play in making the vision reality? Transformational leaders involve people in bridging the gaps and reinforcing the important part all play in attaining the vision. 

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Trust is a core condition of transformational leadership. Here more about the 3 C’s of trust that were presented as part of the transformational leadership program