Florida Executive Women

What does your work involve?

I’m a leadership consultant and I work with a specific clientele, predominantly executive women. These women hold positions like CEO, COO, General Counsel CMO and CFO. One of the problems that many executive women face is that they are torn between being assertive and being nurturing. Sometimes women move to the assertive side. Since we view women in a way that’s different from men, assertive women can be seen as aggressive where the very same behavior in a man would not be seen as aggressive; it would be seen as direct. Directness is a positive leadership trait, aggressiveness is not. If a woman decides that she wants to be nurturing to people, some may doubt her in her role because they don’t want that woman to be “too soft.” There’s often a concern that women in leadership roles are more interested in being liked and taking care of people then looking at the bottom line.

In our Key Women’s Leadership Forums and through the coaching work that we provide, we help women find the balance between when and how to be direct and assertive and when and how to be appropriately nurturing. Beyond that we address issues that women at the executive level face such as hiring the right talent, executive presence, influencing skills and work-life integration. The forum also serves as a sounding board for ideas and innovation.

True North is a term coined by Bill George out of Harvard meaning that it’s important to align your work and life with what’s purposeful for you. A compass always points to the True North and you find your direction in relation to it. In much the same way, when a woman has clarity on what is purposeful for her, she can align her life and work better. Through our forum we help women increase their influence and achieve their goals and dreams. It’s lonely at the top and having a group of like-minded peers as trusted advisors can make all the difference.”


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