Women in Corporate Leadership

It is no secret that women in corporate leadership positions face more promotion barriers than men. There continues to be a very low percentage of women in senior-level management positions. Companies worldwide are aware of this issue, and many have put in place internal programs to help women surpass the barrier often referred to as the “glass ceiling”. However, the success of these programs is questionable.

During the last two decades, an increasing number of organizations have implemented gender diversity programs and internal networks for women. Generally speaking, the programs put in place are centered on planning, mentoring, goal setting, and training. These programs have good intentions, however, they have not necessarily been successful in minimizing the gender gap in top management positions.

These diversity efforts have resulted in some improvements; however, the reality is that gender diversity programs on their own are not enough to empower women. While the intentions are there, the execution is not. Thus, women in corporate leadership positions continue to benefit immensely from support networks and forums. The best way to bridge the gap between where women are and where they need to be is to allow them to gain real life insights, understand and develop their skill-sets, and devise a plan to build their core competencies. The Key Women’s Leaderhsip Forum does just this; it brings together women in leadership roles and provides them with a medium through which they can share their issues and receive unbiased support and advice.

Through the Key Women’s Leadership Forum, Key Associates, Inc. brings women together to focus on mind, body, spirit, and career. Through monthly, half-day meetings, women receive strategies and the tools necessary to overcome their obstacles and propel themselves to personal and professional success. Key Women’s Leadership Forum participants feel supported by their peers and less isolated in their work and life environment. As one participant stated: “I’m excited about participating in the Key Women’s Leadership Forum because it brings together like minded women in leadership roles to share challenges and explore new possibilities. It has made a real difference in how I run my company and how fulfilled I feel in my life.”