Women’s Group Tampa

Women who hold leadership positions face unique challenges and frustrations in both their personal and professional lives. The lack of peer support can make a woman feel isolated in her job. As with any problem, there is strength in numbers. By forming a women’s group, commonly known as a peer forum, and sharing their leadership issues and goals, women are able to receive advice and broaden their perspective.

Research has shown that women in business who receive peer support are more successful and feel happier than those who don’t. One of the things that most eases human pain is the awareness that others face these same issues. When a woman realizes that she is not alone, and that there are others in her same position feeling the same way that she does, it can make all the difference. Aside from benefitting from empathetic relationships, women are able to offer each other advice and ultimately develop solutions to their challenges.

The Key Women’s Leadership Forum – Find and Align with Your True North – was formed a several years ago after Dr. Mary Key discovered the need to bring together women of similar concerns and work challenges. The term “true north” was coined by Harvard scholar, Bill George, and refers to a person or organization aligning with their “true north” or what is purposeful for them. Just as a compass always points to its true north, so do people better align their work and lives when they are clear on their unique and best direction.

Through this forum, she and her team facilitate thoughtful dialogue, positive reinforcement, and empathetic relationships, which can all go a long way in helping women tackle work and life challenges. Through the Key Women’s Leadership Forums, executive women in the Tampa Bay area and beyond are able to come together and support each other’s goals and dreams. It gets lonely at the top, and having a network of supportive, unbiased peers can make all the difference.

The Key Women’s Leadership Forum focuses on every aspect of life, because when one improves in one aspect, every other aspect will improve as well. The support and coaching provided in this forum will help you build authentic leadership capabilities, celebrate your success, improve your work life balance, and reach your goals with the support of like-minded peers.

Led by Dr. Mary Key, who brings over 25 years of experience in leadership and group facilitation, the Key Women’s Leadership Forum meets monthly. During these half-day meetings women receive peer coaching and professional facilitation in an environment that is both confidential and unbiased. This forum provides women with time to reflect on their goals, receive feedback on their ideas, and a gain a greater perspective on their work and lives.  Read more about our Key Women’s Leadership forum.